Thursday’s Lotus available as a PDF

I am pleased to add a further version of Fuengsin’s biography: a Portable Document Format (PDF) file that can be read in applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It’s free of charge as a gift of Dhamma.

The PDF file uses the same layout as the source file of the print copy, though the document settings are at a somewhat lower resolution to aid portability whilst retaining reasonable quality for the images.

Kindle e-book version now available

I’m pleased to announce the publication of the Kindle version of Thursday’s Lotus.

Thursday's Lotus: paperback front page, first chapter displayed on Android tablet and Kindle Touch devices
Thursday’s Lotus published as a paperback and e-book, displayed on a Android tablet and a Kindle Touch

These are available from Amazon Kindle Stores around the world, e.g. (priced $3.00) and the UK (£2.30).

I adopted the EPUB standard in preparing the electronic version, which means I should be able to make the e-book available through other services besides Kindle. More about the production process and these intentions to follow in another post.

Thursday’s Lotus is published

(last updated: 21 April 2016 – Amazon UK site fully activated)

Thursday’s Lotus: The Life and Work of Fuengsin Trafford has been published! It’s available initially as a paperback, and can be ordered online (details below).

Thursday's Lotus: The Life and Work of Fuengsin Trafford
Thursday’s Lotus: The Life and Work of Fuengsin Trafford. will be serving as a companion site, beginning with a contents pagea complete list of all the websites mentioned in the endnotes .  It’s intended to supplement this with digital versions of photographs, further facets from her life and a chance to provide feedback and ask questions.

The book is available through,,,, and other Amazon sites — the recommended retail prices are $14.99, £9.95, and €12.99 respectively. (For CreateSpace users, orders can also be placed through their store.)

This book has received many contributions and feels like a crowd-sourced publication.  Thank you to everyone who has helped.

– Paul


Welcome to a website for Fuengsin Trafford devoted to her life and work as a Buddhist practitioner, meditator, educator, interfaith worker, and culinary expert.

The blog posts on this site include in particular reflections on Thursday’s Lotus and what was involved in bringing the biography to fruition.  I’ve copied over earlier articles relating to the project (before this site existed).

– Paul