Application of Wisdom

On our visit to the temple we should seek mindfulness, wisdom and knowledge not ignorance. This knowledge which is acquired will enable us to quench the burning fire and gain inspiration to study further until our faith in the Triple gem is well established. As a result we will succeed in developing mindfulness before death in the same way as it is portrayed by someone putting an envelope in our hands to take it with us to venerate Chulamani.

Unfortunately in modern times, nobody can cultivate that kind of mindfulness because people have not understood Buddhism through the application of wisdom and mindfulness that can help us to investigate clearly various aspects and questions of the Dhamma. Even some undertakers are ignorant and follow the custom blindly. Some are still drunk during the cremation. They still have no idea how to apply this topic of the Dhamma and to remove their own suffering. Therefore they tighten the grip of the chains. If we have parents and grandparents who set us an example by performing virtuous deeds, it is regarded as a good sign or blessing.

Hence birth, old age, decay and death do not only belong to our parents but also to us. We must make an effort to draw a parallel to calculate what we can take with us. The three chains will prevent us from taking everything as we are bound tightly. Attachment to our homes, wives, husbands, property and children prohibited us from keeping the precepts.

Eventually we have to walk around anticlockwise and face the perpetuity of birth, old age, decay and death.


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