This is a small glossary for ‘Attachment’. A larger guide may be foundĀ here.

 Abhidhamma         the Higher Doctrine, Further Dhamma;
               the analytic doctrine of the Buddhist Canon

Anagarika      a homeless one, one who enters the
               homeless life without formally entering
               the Sangha (the Order)

 Anatta        soullessness; egolessness

 Anicca        impermanence

 Arahant, Arahat      the worthy one, the Holy one, 
                      perfected one, one who has attained

 Bhavana       mental culture, development, the control
               and evolution of the mind, meditation

 Brahma        (in Hinduism) the Creator, the Universal Self
               (in Buddhism) a divine being of the Form sphere
  		or Formless Sphere, happy and blameless

Buddha Buddho       the Enlightened One, the Awakened One
                a recitation of the Buddha, an example of a

Dhamma          the Doctrine, the the Teaching (of the 
	        Buddha), the Norm, the Law, the Truth,
	        Ultimate Reality, the Supramundane, esp,

Kamma or Karma  a volitional sction; action, deed, good
		and bad volition, work, job, activity,

Nibbana or Nirvana  the extinction of the fires of greed,
		of hatred and of ignorance, the unconditioned,
                the supreme goal of Buddhism,
                the Summum Bonum of Buddhism, the Final goal,
                the extinction of all defilements and 

Nimitta         sign, omen, mark, the mental image

Paranimmitavasavatti     the realm of the gods who lord
			over the creation of others, name of 
			the sixth heavenly abode of which
			Paranimmita is the king

Nimmanarati         the realm of the gods who rejoice in
               (their own) creations, name of the fifth
               heavenly abode of which Sumimmita is the

Pamsukula      n. a yellow robe dedicated to a deceased
               person (Thai : Bangsukoon)
               v. to take such robe after contemplating
	       on the impermanence of compounded things

Ratanattaya     the Triple Gem, the Three Jewels: the
		Buddha-the Enlightened One, the Dhamma-the
		Doctrine and Sangha the Order

Samadhi        concentration, onepointedness of mind,
               mental discipline

Samsara        the Round of Rebirth