Attachment is deeper than anything. It is the fibre which stems from all forms of love. The closeness to parents, children, brothers and sisters, husbands, wives, relatives and friends brings about attachment as well as care and concern towards one and other.

At the time of a departure people cannot help worrymg about another’s welfare. As time goes on, the attachment will increase. In the end it will be like a loop constricting their minds.

When the final moment of life comes, we are bound to be permanently separated from our loved ones. We who are left behind cannot stop being concerned about them, though their whereabouts are unknown to us. So questions arise in our mind. ” How are they?” “Are they happy or unhappy?” These questions keep us imagining and guessing about all sorts of things. As a result worry and anxiety increase followed by suffering in our mind.

As we cannot find the answer of this riddle, the only way to deal with it is to try to do everything that is considered the best for them. So both correct and incorrect things have been done which later on both become doctrines and beliefs which are followed from generations to generations.

The Committee of Wat Sanghathan, June 1994


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