A Taste of Dhamma

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This book, “A Taste of Dhamma”, expresses various aspects of the Dhamma translated from the teachings of the Venerable Ajahn Sanong. In this he has given us some flavour of the Law to study as a practical means to bring about genuine mental happiness.

This book would not have been possible without the cooperation of Mrs. Fuengsin Trafford, who translated the Thai original into English, with the help of Mr. Simon Romer and Mr. Andrew Crabtree.

Whatever value arises from reading this book, may the benefit of “A Taste of Dhamma” thus received stay in the mind of the reader forever.

Wat Sangthathan


Kind permission to reproduce this work was granted by Ajahn Piboon of Wat Sanghathan, 107 Handsworth Wood Road, Birmingham, B20 2PH.

These teachings were prepared and edited for display in HTML by Paul Trafford. Please accept his apologies for any mistakes in the transcription.

There’s also available to download an ASCII text version.