Those who have read (or are reading) Thursday’s Lotus have been very positive in their response.  I shall include extracts from reviews and other feedback here.

The book has been a complete joy for me. Not only has Paul captured the life and spirit of Fuengsin, it is doubly enjoyable for me as it took me back to the Worcestershire of my childhood … where Fuengsin and I both lived…

In this, the first biography of her, we find out about the range and ability of this remarkable woman. Buddhism, like Christianity (or psychotherapy for that matter) is sometimes riven with disagreements and arguments between the different schools or ‘vehicles’. One of Fuengsin’s most endearing qualities was her ability to transcend these divisions. For her the Buddha (and Buddhism) was greater than any particular sect and in her teachings she often went to the heart of the matter.

Peter Tyler — Fuengsin Trafford (1936 – 1995) – Pioneer of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue