nanThe chapter notes from the book include links to various Web sites.  We list these links below and shall try to maintain them, as time allows (last updated: 2 September 2016).

Chapter 1

  1. Cremation volumes.   Grant A. Olson, 1992. Thai Cremation Volumes: A Brief History of a Unique Genre of Literature, Asian Folklore Studies, Volume 51, pp. 279-294.
  2. ศรายุธพิทักษ์, ร.อ. หลวง, 2436-2511 – the cremation volume for Capt. Luang Sarayutpitag.  There is a copy in the reference section of the Pridi Banomyong library at Thammasat University, call number CRE 1969 42900.
  1. The Satriwithaya School Alumni Association discussion on the group photo for 1908.
    Satriwithaya School Alumni Association group photo for 1908 on Wikipedia:
  2. A memorial sign in Somdet Ya Park with reference to Wat Anongkaram School is mentioned in My Unseen Thailand blog by Andreas Hörstemeier.
  3. Margaret and Kenneth Landon papers, Wheaton College Archives
  1. Bank of England’s online Inflation Calculator
  2. Thai royal titles: Civil and Military Peerages (before the 1932 Constitution)
  1. Judith A. Stowe, Siam Becomes Thailand: A Story of Intrigue – preview on Google Books
  2. A page (in Thai) about this Royal Artillery Battalionกรมทหารปืนใหญ่ที่_1_รักษาพระองค์

Chapter 2

  1. Folk Crafts in Thailand, MOENet Thailand Service, Ministry of Education
  1. History of Thai Education, Ministry of Education
  1. Capt. Luang Sarayutpitag was the second Governor of Ratchaburi Central Prison (for one year from 1924), as listed at, but link has expired.

Chapter 3

  1. Triam Udon School, Wikipedia entry
  2. History of the Faculty of Arts and Education, Chulalongkorn University
  1. Robert Swann Obituary, The Guardian, 24 August 2001
    D.J. Enright, Poet and Novelist, Dies at 82, New York Times, 12 January 2003
    Ajahn Father Alfred Bonninque – profile on the Thai Cooperative Web site
    and the Credit Union League of Thailand page


Chapter 4

  1. A history of King Mongkut University of Technology, Thonburi (KMUTT), produced for the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2010 (KMUTT Web site)
    Some information in English (also KMUTT Web site)
    YouTube videos:

    Fuengsin may be seen in a Thonburi Technical College staff photograph, shown about two minutes into a KMUTT 50th anniversary video,

  2. A rainy exam day photo, Phimon Sattabut for the KMUTT archive
  3. Ajahn Praderm and Wat Pleng. Bhikkhu: Disciple of the Buddha by Kristiaan Inwood
  1. Details about UNESCO funding, KMUTT’s Archive

Chapter 5

  1. Institute of Education’s early history
  2. Richard Aldrich. The Institute of Education 1902 – 2002: a centenary history: 2002. Preview on Google Books.
  1. Goleg y Normal, Bangor (Bangor Normal College) Wikipedia entry
  1. Clare Harkey. BBC Thai service ends broadcasts, BBC News Web site, Friday, 13 January 2006
  2. Paul Trafford. The Catholic Church and Inter-religious Marriages: Reflec¬tions on Pastoral Theology and Practice after Vatican II.
  3. Entry for Company: Dickins & Jones Ltd in House of Fraser archive

Chapter 6

  1. Signal Department, Royal Thai Army – list of previous commanders, including Lt Gen. Chalerm Suttirak.
  2. Wat Khao Mai Daeng’s site on Facebookวัดเขาไม้แดง-544006572283567/

Chapter 8

  1. Boeing 707/720 Commercial Transport.  Historical Snapshot.
  2. Dhammapada verse 354, Sakkapanha Vatthu

Chapter 9

  1. Hagley Village News, June 1969.
    Stourbridge Old Edwardian’s Club: Golf Society History
    Hagley in the 1950s: Down Memory Lane, Hagley Historical and Field Society
  1. County Express interview with Fuengsin Trafford (1981), Paul Trafford’s blog

Chapter 10

  1. Children’s Dhamma: Kruba Srivichai, Paul Trafford’s blog
  2. Ven. S. M. Sujano. Odds and Ends (about Phra Maha Somboon’s life and teachings)
  1. The Mahabharata (Indian TV series) 
    Fuengsin Trafford. The Epic of Ramayana
  2. Dr Jack Priestley. The Lumber Merchant and the Chocolate King. Download via:
  3. Profile: People: Antony Fernando, Initiatives of Change, 18(4), 1 August 2005
    Antony Fernando and Leonard Swidler, Buddhism Made Plain: An Introduction for Christians and Jews, Temple University
  4. Sister Mary Hall.  The Multi Faith Centre at Harborne Hall, The Harborne Society NEWS, Number Twenty-One, Summer 1991, Pages 6-7
    A tribute in the Birmingham Council of Faiths newsletter of October 2008 used to be available at the following URL, but it’s no longer available.
  5. William Dargue.  A History of Birmingham Places & Placenames: Harborne
  1. Fuengsin Trafford.  A Memorial Tribute to Ajahn Gaew Potikanok

Chapter 12

  1. Sister Mary Hall.  The Multi Faith Centre at Harborne Hall, The Harborne Society NEWS, Number Twenty-One, Summer 1991, Pages 6-7
  1. Udayin Thera.  The Blooming Lotus (excerpt), translated by Olendzki, from the Groups of Sixteen Verses, Theragathas 673-704.
  1. Biography of Luang Phor Sanong Katapunyo
  2. Ven. Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo.  The Taste of Dhamma

Chapter 13

  1. Mary Worrall. Harborne Hall, The Harborne Society Newsletter, Number Seventy, Summer 2010
  2. Ven. Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo.  Oneness
  3. Ven. Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo. Paticca-Samuppada (Dependent Origination)
  4. The Stony Point Center,
    Auburn Theological Seminary,
  1. Richard Randall. Life as a Siamese Monk, Aukana
  2. Terry Shine. Honour Thy Fathers‎
    The Life and Times of Luang Phaw Wat Paknam, Dhammakaya Foundation